6th Theme: “Looking back on 2020 and recommendations for after-COVID-19”

Foreign Non-Life Insurance Association organizes the FNLIA Seminars setting risk management as a main theme.
The 6th FNLIA Seminar was held;
– under the theme of “Looking back on 2020 and recommendations for after-COVID-19”,
– in a style of on-line webinar, and
– in series of 4 sessions from Day 1 to Day 4.

Part 1: COVID-19 in global perspective

■Day 1 (April 12th)
“Systemic Risks ? Lessons from COVID”
Mr. Iain Ferguson
Regional Director, Asia Pacific, Lloyd’s
President, Lloyd’s Japan

■Day 2 (April 27th)
“Addressing the insurability challenges of pandemic risk:
The need for public-private sector collaboration”
Dr. Kai-Uwe Schanz
Deputy Managing Director and Head of Research & Foresight,
Geneva Association

Part 2: Risks surrounding businesses

■Day 3 (May 12th)
“The Global Risks Report 2021”
The World need to wake up for the long-term risks!!
~ Understanding the outlook of the global risks ~
Mr. Satoru Hiraga
President, Japan Insurance Brokers Association
Chairman, Mash Broker Japan, Inc.

■Day 4 (June 2nd)
[Theme]“Enhancing resilience and readiness of small and medium businesses for disaster risks”
Mr. Masaki Shimode
Director, Office for Business Stability, Business Environment Department,
Small and Medium Enterprise Agency